Winning combinations are made of having the right people in the right places at the right times, as the Chicago Cubs know. The same thing could be said about entrepreneurship. At the recent Elevate fundraising event our keynote speaker, Joe Slawek of FONA, related a lesson he learned. He said that owning a business was like driving a bus and that it was who you got to fill those seats that mattered, since those people are your team. Here’s why…

The Cubs’ management built their team from the top down, beginning with the Ricketts. They had a vision for the organization that didn’t quite match the team that they started with. And that was okay because they had a plan to reach the goal of winning the World Series. To advance their plan, they hired Theo Epstein.

Epstein is well known for building teams – not just a couple of outstanding players. Which is good, because it takes a team to win the big one. He strategized and worked with manager Joe Maddon to recruit young talent. They both knew that it would take some time to develop these players and that the raw material was there, ready for growth. In short, they built a team to last.

What worked for the Cubs also works in business. A great entrepreneur hires those who share his vision and passion. They all are very good at their individual specialties, whether it’s product development, sales or marketing. From there, those people build a team of players that all support each other. The end result is a successful enterprise that is poised for years and years of growth.

Success is always possible if you have a shared goal and the right people working with you. Dive into every aspect of your business, discover your weaknesses and fix them. Are you ready for greatness?