Fox Valley Entrepreneurship Center ELEVATE Event

Each year at Elevate, the Fox Valley Entrepreneurship Center recognizes businesses that exemplify extraordinary success within their business community by stimulating growth, both economically and socially, throughout the Fox Valley area.

The awards presented are:

  • Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • The Jim Brennan Community Business of the Year Award

Through our flagship Business Accelerator program, the FVEC provides intensive one-one-one consulting to business owners to help them achieve the next level of success. Our mission is to expand local commerce, increase jobs and provide access to the capital needed to fund small business growth.

In 2018, the FVEC helped 9 small businesses, we increases their annual revenue by an average of +70%.  Five of those companies were start-ups, two were veteran-owned and two were woman-owned companies.  The FVEC helped these businesses secure 23 local jobs and create 8 more! Our Advisors provided over 250 hours of coaching, and the best part is, we did this at no cost to the business owner!

All of this this was made possible by the funds raised at our Elevate Event!

For every $7,500 raised, the FVEC is empowered to support one (1) more small business in the Fox Valley.

Please join us as we recognize and empower small businesses throughout the Fox Valley area and by participating as an event Sponsor, advertiser or donating to the live or silent auction.