By Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz, JJR Marketing

Every business, regardless of what they do or offer, needs a marketing plan. Why? Because it creates a roadmap to success. There are identified deliverables, answers to key questions and directions for what to do and when to do it. It also creates a unified vision throughout the team, making it easier to reach the ultimate goal.

Each plan draws on the broader perspectives of the company’s overall business plan. This blueprint is specific to the individual company, and what works for one may not work for another. However, every plan has a common foundation – it has to define the target audience, key messages and delivery vehicles. Within that foundation are four key identifiers that function together to create a successful marketing campaign.

Key Identifiers

Integrative. Integration is the ability to combine two or more vehicles to achieve the desired objectives. A marketing vehicle is a specific tool for delivering your message to your target audience. One example of the integrative identifier is to use a newsletter and a press release to announce a new product or service.

Consistent. The intervals of touch points have to be carefully crafted to create the desired effect for a specific initiative. Delivering a strong and consistent message to your audience, without overwhelming them, is the desired goal here.

Cohesive. Small businesses do not have the luxury of having multiple image variations that ultimately cause confusion in the marketplace. This means all of your vehicles compliment and work well with each other, creating connectivity and brand awareness.

Strategic. There should be a reason for the deployment of each marketing deliverable to ensure that each one supports the overall vision of a campaign. Strategy brings focus to any campaign or deliverable.

Successful marketing is about coming up with easily recognized deliverables for our brand and connecting them with your target audience. Jot down all of your ideas, select the best and take them to the next level with this foundation. Remember, have a plan or plan on failing to reach your goals.