Owned and operated by Zack Tentinger, Tentinger Landscapes provides landscape design, maintenance and construction services throughout Aurora and the Fox Valley. Zack pitched his company and ideas to the FVEC in February of this year. We saw the passion and potential in Zack and his company and decided to pair him up with Bil Papp to get him the help he needed.

Work between Bil and Zack only began a few short weeks ago, but Zack is already seeing great improvements. What struck Bil the most was the need for better structure and organizational practices within the company. The two are currently working on breaking every aspect of the business into as much fine detail as possible. Knowing all these variables will allow them to create standards and procedures throughout the company. As Bil puts it, “you can’t control what you don’t measure”.

Currently, they are setting up guidelines to effectively estimate, manage and track jobs while defining the roles of all the employees. These guidelines will apply to all areas of the company, from snow removal in the winter to detailed landscape design, construction and routine maintenance.

Couple Zack’s knowledge of landscape and design (he graduated from Purdue with a BS in Landscape Architecture and AS in horticulture) with Bil’s experience in helping small business owners realize their dreams (he owns and operates P&F Business Advisors) and the business is sure to flourish. The goal here is not to just give Zack solutions, but to teach him how to run his business effectively both now and into the future.

Looking to up your landscaping game? Zack recommends going native. Native plants simply do better than their hybridized counterparts do. They use less water, are drought tolerant, and are less susceptible to disease. The Chicagoland area is home to a wide variety of native plants, from grasses and flowers to trees and shrubs. With proper design, planning and execution, native areas have the manicured, polished look people have come to expect. Since these plants are so perfectly suited to the climate and soil, you spend more time enjoying your yard than maintaining it.

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