The Process

It all starts with taking the BOSI DNA profile and filling out the application. Your application will be sent to the FVEC and to the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Waubonsee Community College. The SBDC will contact you and set up your first appointment. The SBDC will ensure that you are qualified for the program and help you prepare for an initial FVEC strategy session.

Your strategy session will involve two or more FVEC consultants. They will listen to your business plan and ask a lot of questions. They’ll take your strategy apart and put it back together in order to understand your business. Even if you don’t go further with the FVEC, you will receive valuable input from expert consultants that will help you refine your strategy.

If you are approved to move on, you will present your business to the FVEC evaluation committee. The goal of your presentation is to be accepted into the FVEC coaching program and should focus on a single business issue (operations, marketing, funding, etc.). Presentations are limited to 15 minutes, followed by 15 minutes for questions from the committee. Be prepared – you will not be given more than 15 minutes to present. Review the presentation guidelines and tips for a successful presentation to help you get ready.

Once a month the FVEC steering committee meets to review potential clients and receive updates from companies already in the program. If you are accepted, an FVEC consultant will be assigned to shepherd your company through our 90-day business accelerator program. You and your FVEC consultant are required to present monthly to the FVEC steering committee on your progress.

If you are not accepted into the program, the SBDC at Waubonsee Community College will continue to work with you to develop your business.