About FVEC

How it all got started…

In 2010, Jim Brannen, Dr. Ray Benedetto and Austin Dempsey wanted to help struggling local businesses. They identified three key elements to success – financial capital, knowledge and human resources. They formed the Fox Valley Entrepreneurship Center, an Illinois non-profit organization, which puts these three elements together as a resource for business owners. Working with the board of directors and advisors, local entrepreneurs tap into top-notch services and build sustainable businesses – something we can all be proud of.


Our “Why”

The goal of the Fox Valley Entrepreneurship Center (FVEC) is to provide critical support to local companies to help them create jobs, expand their business and grow revenue. They foster an environment in which businesses strive for excellence and innovation is nourished. This is accomplished through training and advising the business owner, providing strategic introductions and engaging in growth planning throughout the business. As a non-profit, the center supports these programs through private donations and grants. The FVEC was formed as a 501(c)3 in 2011.

MISSION: FVEC aims to assist small and mid-sized business in the Fox Valley area to stimulate economic growth to enhance the success of local entrepreneurs.

VISION: At FVEC, our vision is to be an active partner in making the Fox Valley a fertile ground to startup and grow thriving companies that add value back to  the community.

ADVOCACY: FVEC promotes a local and regional environment in which businesses strive for excellence and innovation is nourished.

SERVICES: CEO/Owner advisory and training, strategic introductions, as well as  mentorships and networking, to  assist in strategic/growth planning across all areas of the business.